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JoBoy’s is one of the smallest nano-breweries in Pennsylvania. While we make no claims to brewing the best beer you ever had; we can promise hand-crafted beer that focuses on quality and that pairs well with our barbeque.

No Matter if you're a certified beer geek, casual drinker, or this is your first experience with craft-brewed beer, we're confident that you'll find one that suits you, and perhaps even a few that open your mind to new styles.

In addition to the beers listed here, we'll do our best to offer specialty beers to get you acquainted with new styles, showcase seasonal ingredients, and demonstrate the complexity with which craft beers can be brewed. Visit our Facebook page to find out what's coming up next and feel free to offer suggestions of your own.

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Year-Round Styles

Lititz Springs Lager

Premium American Lager

An American lager, easy drinking and smooth.

   20 IBU   5.5% ABV

Manheim Red

Irish Red Ale

Our flagship beer, is amber to red in color with a medium body, slight caramel sweetness, and a balance more towards malt than hops. This beer is a true crowd-pleaser and keeps you coming back for more.

   22.5 IBU   5.4% ABV

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

A refreshing pale ale with a moderate amount of hops. Much more balanced than an IPA and will be enjoyed by people who love all styles of beer.

   40 IBU   5.5% ABV

Citra Session IPA

Session IPA

Our session IPA hopped exclusively with Citra hops for a large citrus bouquet of flavor & aroma.

   55 IBU   5% ABV


American IPA

This is our offering to the hop heads! decidedly hoppy, bitter, and moderately strong American IPA.

   80 IBU   7% ABV

Double IPA

Imperial American IPA

A robust, hoppy IPA with plenty of malt and a definitive alcohol kick.

   110 IBU   9% ABV


Robust Porter

This is a malty dark ale with a complex and flavorful roasty character. Ours is more of an American interpretation in that it is a bit bolder than the English style.

   42.5 IBU   6.2% ABV


American Stout

Our American stout has roasted flavors and aromas. Hops are present yet balanced for the style.

   55 IBU   6.5% ABV

German Wheat


Brewed with all German grain and yeast, our beer is a spicy, fruity, and refreshing wheat based ale.

   13 IBU   5% ABV

Belgian Tripel

Belgian Style Tripel

A golden, complex, strong Belgian ale with a full body. It finishes dry with some sweetness and a hint of cider.

   33 IBU   9.3% ABV

Wyndridge Hard Cider

Gluten Free

We offer a rotating tap of different styles of Wyndridge Cider from Dallastown, PA. Ask your server about what syle is currently on tap.

On Cask


American Stout

Our American stout has roasted flavors and aromas. Hops are present yet balanced for the style.

   55 IBU   6.5% ABV

Seasonal/Special Releases


Spring/Summer Seasonal

A strong and malt forward golden lager. There is a slight hop character but more subdued to let the malt shine through.

   30 IBU   6.5% ABV

German Style Kolsch

Special Release

Smooth and crisp German Style Kolsch beer with subtle German hop taste & aroma. It has a clean and refreshing finish perfect for the spring and summer.

   27 IBU   4.6% ABV

Baltic Porter

Special Release

Our Baltic Porter is rich and malty with just a hint of hops for balance. We use lager yeast for a smooth and clean finish and a slight alcohol warmth.

   35 IBU   7% ABV

Russian Imperial Stout

Special Release

Our Russian Imperial Stout is an aggressively hopped beer. The low carbonation combined with the residual sweetness give this beer and almost chewy texture. Sweet hints of chocolate flavor round out the backend to complete this satisfying and savory rich ale.

   75 IBU   10% ABV

Belgian Pale Ale

Belgian Style Pale Ale

This Belgian inspired pale ale is moderately sweet with a nice citrus nose. The low hop character lets the orange peel, coriander, and grains of paradise shine through. Overall, a very refreshing wheat based pale ale!

   25 IBU   5% ABV


Special Release

With each new sip the complexity of our barleywine grows and grows. Hints of sweet fruits hit your palate and lay back for the slightly hoppy aftertaste.

No Growler Fills

   80 IBU   10% ABV

Black IPA

Cascadian Dark Ale

A dry ale with gentle roasted malts that balance the hops for a slightly bitter yet smooth tasting dark ale. Also known as a Cascadian Dark Ale this gateway style will help nudge non-hoppy drinkers into enjoying IPAs.

   75 IBU   6.2% ABV

Smokin' 3-Way IPA

Smoked IPA

This unique style blends smoked malt with ample amounts of hops to produce a beer like non other. Its a great compliment to our slow smoked meats!

   70 IBU   6.5% ABV


Occasional Release

Dark, malty & chocolatey, this wheat-based ale is very refreshing. The distinctive banana-and-clove yeast character blends well with the creamy mouthfeel and light finish.

   13 IBU   4.5% ABV

On Nitro


American Stout

Our American stout has roasted flavors and aromas. Hops are present yet balanced for the style.

   55 IBU   6.5% ABV


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